We are finishing a new update for SkCombat.

In it, we have corrected some bugs with painting tools, resizing tools, Fog of War, some UI layer problems and other small things.  

Sadly we had to turn off batching on map creation which can create some performance problems, but we are working to solve it. Meanwhile you can test some of the new platforms (corner stairs, ramps) or the new tokens. These new basic tokens will help users to add variation to it's map, as feedback suggested that 4 different color tokens where not enough ... so now we have 14 colors and class variations (fighter, mage, barbarian, archer, rogue).

Hope you like them!

We have made some progress about the iOS (Apple) version of SkCombat, we're not there yet as we have to change some things around to comply to Apple UI guidelines ... if all goes well, it should happen in the following week as right now we are ironing the remaining bugs and testing the app for current platforms.

Also ... our first textured test are on line, so after this update we are hoping to work on premium tilesets and features.



So here we have a pair of sneak previews with placeholder textures, we made them only to test performance, engine tweaking, and internal database structuring ... but they give a nice idea on which direction we're facing. Enjoy them!