Where we are with Sketch Combat?

We have already published the app in the Google Play Market, nonetheless we still have to publish it on the Apple App market. But before that we have to finish all the GUI for the app for an improved version.

Once we have the GUI we have planned to implement it as a web application free for all (at least the map creation tool kit) so you can experiment with it and share your maps with other people. It would be cool if we could have a bit of community around it's use.

We have a lot of plans for the app ... but first we have to see how far ir reach, and how many people are interested in it ... and his opinion. After all, we could be obsessed with custom tilesets, and maybe people want online connectivity.

The following features, are possible features we have in mind:

  • Camera use to acquire maps the fast way (take a photo and play!). 
  • More tiles & miniatures.
  • Fog of war.
  • Character interaction with the environment.
  • Could saving and sharing.
  • Online connectivity.

Have any ideas or suggestions? Send us a e-mail or twitter message.