What's SKCombat?

SkCombat is a combat assistant for tabletop RPG games (Like D&D or Pathfinder to name a pair). It makes easier to control positions, conditions, hit points, area of effects, etc.

A virtual table in full 3D environments, with stairs, walls, archs, doors and all the possible scenery you could find in a dungeon to fully immerse in your games.In it you can create quick maps and drop tokens on it to resolve a quick combat, or elaborate a beautiful map in preparation for upcoming sessions. The amount of detail is up to you, but whatever you do, SkCombat will assist on your adventures.

  • Play it on Android, iOs (iPhone or iPad), Web Browsers (compatible with Unity Plugin) and Windows/Linux systems as a standalone application.
  • Share your maps over the internet with a single ID. Play over chats, forums or e-mail at no cost.
  • Move camera position freely on the map and even change orientation from side view to a top down one.
  • Manage token conditions to control the battlefield status with a large selection of icons.
  • Create and manage areas of effects.

What does it cost?

At it's core, SkCombat is free.

You can create & share maps, add tokens and play games at no cost, no fees and no subscriptions. All future game features will continue to be free ...

... only visual improvements (premium Tilesets and Miniatures) will come at a cost.

But once you buy a Tileset or a Miniature, is yours forever. You can even share them over the internet and other users will see them at it's full splendor, no costs added. The only limitation is that users who don't own the set will not be able to edit the tiles.

A continuous improvement . . .

It's an app in continuous growth, with new tilesets planned, tokens, features. 

It's open to suggestions ... so if you have a new idea, suggestion, desire, requirement or need, simply contact and let us know! We are a small but dedicated studio open to criticism and improvement. And we love hearing comments and ideas from our users.

Meanwhile download the app via your favorite store and make us proud with your incredible map skillz. 

What's next?

Those are some of the planned features we have on the works:

  • The ability to take Photos and Images and project them to a basic floor to use them either as a template or as a quick map.
  • The ability to change form Play to Edit without losing the tokens.
  • Usable objects (Chests, Traps, Doors, etc.).
  • More animations.
  • Online connectivity.
  • Undo button.
  • Sounds.
  • Multiple grids (Square, Hex, Freeform).

And future Tilesets & Miniatures:

  • Nature I - Nature thematic tileset, with woods, grass, huts, etc.
  • Future I - Spaceships, corridors, roads, etc.
  • Greek thematic Monsters I
  • Greek Adventurers I
  • Scifi Adventurers I
  • To be known - What users want determined via e-mail and polls.